i keep all of your kisses
on the back of my tongue.
to taste you slightly,
when hunger strikes;

you say,
let's sleep naked tonight -
just to see what happens.


(Del lat. quaterni) said...

The "Next blog" link brought me here by chance...
Nice verses, happy to read you.
Cheers from Madrid.

Billy Joe said...

I've read through much of your blog and enjoyed your artwork.

Your poetry is real, interesting and your voice is unique.

I'm blown away, especially since I've assumed you are very young, early twenties?

Keep writing, but I probably don't have to tell you that.

Sarah Vino said...


Anonymous said...

your blog is amazing to me, and I want to have mine be maybe half as poignant as yours is.

maybe we can be friends?
you remind me of someone I used to know really well

sarah said...

thank you kindly, new internet friends, for your comments. will take a look at yall's blogs very shortly.

Gallery802 said...

I like your artwork because you are just amazing and different from the other. Thanks!

SUNJAY said...

Ah now that is real refreshing verse. Thanks really enjoyed reading your blog.


Salmah said...

Randomly, aimlessly surfing and I bumped into you. You are now in my "Add to Favorites" for obvious reasons.

Deathlike Shadow said...

i like your blog
i like your blog
i totally like your blog.
found you through the next blog button too.
you are worth checking in
you are worth keeping in

have a blog too
but it's mostly in spanish
cause im from those places where people speak in spanish
they are born that way.

Kiri said...

very nice poem :D

(Del lat. quaterni) said...

Feed the blog! :-)

Daniel Lassttraw said...

Sarah, your poem gave me goosebumps. On the back of my tongue, really. It reminds me of someone or someplace, not sure what exactly, something familiar.

Annie D said...

ooo I like this poem!! very nice!

Natasha said...

This poem makes me smile deviously. Nice work.

Vox said...


Average Terran said...

Great blog you have it is really great, I enjoyed reading some of the posts, if your interested here is my blog of poetry.


Bastelopoly said...

very nice verses :)

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