this is on a similar winter day, (un)distinguishable from all the others.

the snow,
piled up above his brow
leaks lines upon his
leather loafers.

coffee streaks down my blouse, i missed my mouth.

stains. "i bought a new slip today,"
to impress you in, she says. all but
ruined by wrinkles now -
the cat slept upon it.

impossible to arouse anger, however,
(such a beast of innocence).

locked glance across the street.
go home, slide off shoes, puddles
below your toes, surely.
peel your clothes of gauze off;
drape by heater.

(hopefully the furnace is working today).

jealous of the, longing for the
love we used to, brush
against you. have now
m e r e l y o n l y j e a l o u s y:
skin we used to know.

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