place three pairs plus one please an extra pair wool socks on: for we shall go ice skating. pale winter moon crescent moon fall moon. but now too many socks the skates don't fit. also i do not actually now how to iceskate anyway. but thanks for the invitation. maybe my feet will stay warm now. you, however. i think you are in need of a a few more pairs. socks at this altitude this evning, wool preferably. ... maybe we can just be sheep this winter. whole bodies of wool we will be bodies of warmth. in warmth when we make love i wish we purred as cats instead of producing such awkward sounds. this winter we will maybe even make love with our wool socks on we will have such cold feet no longer. ... dripping discoloration the snow is dirty new york dirty everything is a winter bruise. in the shower i want to give you more teeth to neck bruises you will like them i promise i swear when we make love in the shower in the winter in wool socks, even, probably. ... socks in the shower in the winter. wet kisses okay if the water's warm enough for winter warmer weather winter oh. i am alone in these socks now. and they became somehow wet.

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