here is part of what i wrote in that class before i dropped it.

you try to be invasive in the way you slide your fingers to the tips of my toes. or SHOES rather. you stroke the vintage leather loafers: cow hide covered feet.

the ends of my legs: the tree stump to my body. you are my boyfriend's bestfriend. maybe. you are my bestfriend's boyfriend. ("incest") you were,

"STOP TOUCHING MY SHOES." we are portland on a soggy day. we are sinking into a bestfriend's couch. statefunded house we are a raining day in portland. yesterday: we tripped over cobblestones. slippery, quickly, you picked me up.

"your hands are not that soft."
but i let you use mine anyway.
you use them.

to attempt the invasion of my wet loafers, with pennies. today you are my boyfriend's not-
bestfriend. today you say that i am not wearing penny loafers.
correct, sir.
"i am not wearing penny loafers."

despite your prodding efforts, i am not wearing penny loafers.
i am not even wearing loafers.
i am not even.

i am sockless, wet feet. less than feet.
my not-boyfriend said i have
"perfect hands," but you are
not a friend and you are not a
and they are of no
use to you.

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