on the ice caps we consume dead polar bears on the ice caps. you lay claim to the fire: on the ice caps. i will call you from california. pink petal snowfall spring air piece by piece, unfinshed slowly i breathe you in to my arms. shifting feet on the tectonic plates, sitting at the breakfast table. breakfast we've forgotten. soon, we've soon forgotten. carefully, we taste today you lay claim to the fire. and thus, we both vouch on disappearance . our sneakers melt our bodies boil. we reclaim our freezers and our neighbor's freezer's and our neighbor's neighbor's freezers. even the ice trays. we will not disappear in the fire. TECTONIC PLATES SAN ANDRES FAULT LINE OUR SNEAKERS SHIFT UNTIL WE LIE BAREFOOT a metaphor across the country: and i will call you when i get to california.

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