i & ii

i) conversation with friend. me: umm. i don't think i like sex. you: WHAT do you mean? me: umm. i just don't think i like it. you: no. you just haven't had GOOD SEX. me: no. i just don't think i like it. i think i would just rather lie next to someone and feel the CLOSENESS. you: no. that's kind of retarded. i think you just haven't had any good sex. ii) boy in bed. IT MUST BE LOVELY HERE, IN THE SPRING. it is. you: i've been thinking about you a lot. me: uhh huh. you: really. me: really? or "really" because you're a boy and boys sometimes like to lie to girls. you: no, i wouldn't say it if i didn't think it was true. me (NAKED) : so WHAT exactly were you thinking about me? you: i was thinking about how cute it is when you squeal when you're laughing. me: oh. - you: you look so beautiful. me: um. i'm glad you think so. you: i wish you didn't look so sad. i wish i could do something to make you happy. me: i'm HAPPIER than i used to be. you: good. me: yeah.

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