miles of headlights cast beautiful shadows, i saw you. the

saccharine between legs she is shaking as you are shaking as i am shaking you claim you lie in front of an auditorium and in the high school cafeteria i saw you crying on stevens avenue "don't stop loving me" but you read the poem in past tense (it ended) as two cities not twins, but similar in the sound of footsteps or maybe lost along the stretch of highway june, in between. (it ended) there. you shake and i shake and you shake and i shake and you shake and i shake and you say "don't stop loving me" there are miles of headlights ahead make wishes, eleven eleven. you shook. the car stalled.


Bobby Malone said...

Sarah, if you keep writing poems like this and I keep reading them I am going to fall in love with you again...jerkface.

sarah said...

hi. i love you. you make me smile sometimes when you make fun of me.

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