bears for hugs.


That night the earth seized upon her skeleton:
the brass bed frame – a collapsed mattress,
a mass of

[heaved &

Contorted, her teeth crumpled against
each other. Speckled bits of blood appeared on the
floral pillowcase.

This unprecedented motion caused
her fits of rage, as well as clenched fists.

And the earth
grieved gregariously – its appetite diminished.


Book for Sale

I realize I never update my blogs anymore, so probably no one is actually following me/ reading these posts anymore, but I just finished my thesis project for my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing.... SO, here is a link if you would like to purchase a copy. It is approximately 60pgs long, contains poetry, prose, and full color photographs (besides the ones that are from black & white film, that is). I know it is a little bit pricey, but it is very expensive to print in all color - I am only making about a $1.25 profit per book.





i'm thirsty, too.

(this photo was taken by my mother. finlie loves the tub.) the semester is painfully ending; i am excited for the summer & will try and update my blog(s) a bit more regularly. hopefully i will also be getting nasal surgery, & thus will be able to breathe again. this will make (my) life better, i think.



i keep all of your kisses
on the back of my tongue.
to taste you slightly,
when hunger strikes;

you say,
let's sleep naked tonight -
just to see what happens.



tomorrow, wearing
twelve gray hairs
you will not
feel inclined to
hold me anymore.

you used to use me just to
keep your secrets quiet.

i keep all of your kiss
es on the back of my
tongue. taste you like
a shadow talks with
feet. i keep you be
neath me; be near me.

you say,
let's sleep naked tonight,
maybe something will
occur as a result of neigh
boring skins. quite quaint.

but, somehow i manage to keep
my socks on; the walls are cold.



usually i am not one to make new years resolutions. however, as it is not only a new year, but a new decade as well, i feel it is a good time to attempt new beginnings. a new decade makes me feel uncomfortable. it is only a mark of time within society, so i suppose i could just ignore it. is it tangible? these days tangibility is always escaping me. hopefully posting some of these thoughts on my blog will help me remind me what i am trying to achieve for my personal state of mind and mentality.

for 2010: i will be on time. not just to class, but everywhere. maybe i will even be early. i will sleep fewer hours during the day. i will make a conscious effort to use spare time more effectively. i will be more passionate about my classes. i will work on creative endeavors at my own pace, and i will accomplish them. i will exercise moderately; hopefully this will make me more mentally alert and less lethargic. hopefully. i will try not to let the actions of others so actively effect my emotions. i will try to be more independent. i will try to be less obsessive of selective people, but instead i will try to meet more people and attempt to enjoy socializing. i will make an effort to minimize my anxiety.

i will try to be less needy. i am sorry for needing you.



that day we watched the seagulls steal our lunch.
by the bay by the beach
claire says, be careful of the sun.
where it tries to intervene:
helpless, you swallowed your laughter as
my eyes became damp over the loss of a sandwich.
your windows:
a lack of screens or shutters
zip-lock bags were no match for beaks.
a bouquet of tastes: a sample of this coming winter
we collected sea glass along the shoreline,
primarily in the hue of roses.
and the wind is like the wind
in most places
it wasn’t until later that we learned of the sewage being drained into the ocean.
home smells of every memory, i am the last to admit
but, i suppose, where did we think the waste was going, after all?
and your bed is like the beds
in most places,
please keep your sorrows buried under your tongue.
though perhaps it creaks a little more
if this lingers for too long.

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